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Knight Fall excerpt

Knight Fall excerpt

I am finishing up the first book of a new vampire series called Knight Fall. It took precedent over the third Witchy Wolf book due to the fact that it will be included in a multi-author bundle which has a deadline. Here’s an excerpt:


May 20, 2264

Alex smelled the blood before she saw it. Even though she chose to no longer drink blood from humans, the scent still affected her. She fought to control her instincts. If her eyes changed to neon green and her fangs descended, the uniformed cops around her would likely react quickly, even in their confusion. She wouldn’t be able to mesmer all of them before at least one got a shot off, and the last thing she wanted was to contaminate the scene with her blood. She should be able to clean up, but she couldn’t be certain she’d remove all traces. Luckily, after 225 years of being a vampire, she had developed an iron will and tamped down the sudden need to vamp out. Prevention was much easier the damage control. She entered the bedroom and surveyed the scene.

“Detective Knight.”

Alex nodded at the uniformed cop. “Sarge. What do we know?” The sergeant wiped sweat from his brow. Alex thought from the redness of his pale, freckled face and the way his uniform shirt looked as though the buttons would pop off at any moment due to his excessive weight, added to the copious amount of sweat she could smell before she entered the room that Sgt. Willis was a heart attack waiting to happen.

“The call came in to dispatch as an anonymous tip. The caller stated that someone at this address was dead. Dispatch traced the call to an unregistered com. The closest available unit came to check it out and found the dead body. The victim has been identified by scan as Mary Brown. DOB 2 – 2 – 32 which puts her at 32 years of age. Background scan showed she’s a P2 with a pimp who goes by the name of Moe ‘D.”

Alex frowned. A P2 level prostitute worked on the street, and even though the 2 denoted a pimp controlled her services, it didn’t necessarily mean she lived with him.

The Sarge scrolled down his handheld to refresh his memory on the rest of the victim’s information. “No children on record. Only living relative is a sister whose last known address is New L.A. The victim’s last known address is a flop on Henry.”

“Have you located the owner of the house?”

The Sarge shook his head. “There isn’t one. House is listed as unoccupied. Put on the market six months ago. It’s listed with Waterman Realty.”

The name of the realty company surprised Alex. Waterman Realty generally only accepted listings in high income areas. This neighborhood was not on the lowest end, but it was definitely lower than middle class. Not Waterman Realty’s usual client.

“Anything else?”

“That’s all we know right now.”

“Thanks Sarge. Have your Unis canvas the neighborhood. I’ll take it from here.”

Alex scanned the room, her eyes taking in every detail. The realtor had done a decent job of staging it considering the neighborhood. The walls were painted a cheerful blue, and lacy white curtains covered the barred windows. Aluminum furniture filled the room, but that wasn’t unusual. World War III destroyed the majority of the plants and trees, so they were now considered an endangered species in most safe zones. Only the richer citizens could afford to hire the furniture makers who went outside the safe zones to find wild trees not on the endangered list.

Alex’s eyes finally came to rest on the bed. She had saved it for last on purpose considering it was the main focus of the crime scene. What had once been a fluffy white comforter made of the same synthetic lace as the curtains was now crimson spattered. The vic lay spread eagle on the bed. Blue nylon rope bound her wrists and ankles to the dull silver head and foot rails of the bed. She was completely naked except for the scrap of red cloth covering her eyes in a make shift blindfold.

Violet flashes marred both breasts. The nipple was missing from the right one. It looked as though it was a clean slice. Drying blood ran in trails down her skin to the bed. Some pooled on her flat stomach. Alex continued to study the body. When she came to the pearl handle sticking out from between the victim’s legs and the copious amounts of blood underneath this section of the bed, her lip curled in disgust. Monsters definitely walked amongst the humans, but too often, it was one of their own playing the part.

Witchy Wolf Book 3 Plus More!

Witchy Wolf Book 3 + More!

I am in the process of writing book three in the Witchy Wolf series. I have given it a tentative title of Cursed. In this book, readers will find out the consequences of Chloe’s mother’s escape from the mental institution and will learn more about Chloe’s Elven family.

I am also involved in an upcoming paranormal bundle with some other authors, so I am working on that book as well. My book for that bundle is titled Knight Fall. I will very likely release it on its own before the bundle releases. So, it’s possible it will be released before book 3 of Witchy Wolf, but don’t despair Witchy Wolf fans, book 3 should come out shortly thereafter. It’s just a deadline situation. The vampire book has to be done by a deadline, so it’s taking more of my attention.

Knight Fall features a pair of detective vampires who are thrown together as partners in the midst of a serial killer’s spree. Sparks will fly, in more ways than one, as the new partners butt heads in search of the killer.

See keep your eyes peeled for more information on both of these upcoming books!

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Crying Wolf

Peril is Available NOW!

Peril: Witchy Wolf 2 is now available! On sale for 99 Cents for a limited time on Amazon!

Peril: Witchy Wolf Book 2

Peril: Witchy Wolf Book 2

From New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author, Alexis Dare 
Sequel to the Best-selling Book, Witchy Wolf 

She’s found her fated mate. Now, she has to keep him…

Chloe Jackson has barely adjusted to her new life with the pack and sexy Alpha werewolf, Gabriel Denton. Now, not only must she deal with the murderous glances of a jealous she-wolf who wants Gabriel, but she also must face an evil from her past that threatens to destroy her new life and happiness with her hunky alpha. Can Gabe save Chloe from the clutches of her enemy? Will Chloe uncover the truth behind her heritage? Will she walk down the aisle with the love of her life, or will Gabe lose her to forces he never saw coming?

BUY NOW at the following locations! Amazon, ARe (I will add more links as the book goes live on other sites!)

Peril Cover Reveal!

Crying Wolf

Release date announcement coming soon!

Peril Excerpt

Peril Excerpt (Witchy Wolf Book 2)

Chloe Meets her Mother

“Ms. Jackson?” The doctor’s eyes were wide, and his eyebrows raised.

“That’s me.”

He came forward and shook my hand. “I’m sorry. I expected someone older.”

What did he mean by that?

“If you will follow me, I’ll take you to your mother. I’m going to apologize in advance for how the visit must be conducted. For patients like your mother, we must maintain higher security, due to her escape attempts. The visiting room is much like the ones you might see in a prison.”

I understood what he meant when we entered the room. It did indeed look like the visiting rooms when you saw a prison show on television. The walls were the same peeling beige paint on concrete as the lobby, and the smell was even worse. The room was divided across the middle by a wall that was half concrete and half safety glass. It was divided into sections. Each section had chairs on each side and also a short ledge which you could use to support your upper body while you leaned close to the window. Each window had a small hole around face height to allow for better hearing. The hole was covered with wire mesh.

“If you will have a seat at the first window, your mother will be brought in shortly. An attendant will remain with her for safety purposes.”

When my mother came through the door on the other side, my mouth fell open in shock. How could this woman be my mother? Her back bowed with age, which caused her to slump. Gray hair that looked as though it hadn’t been brushed in weeks fell in messy waves around her face. This little old lady was an escape risk?

When she sat down across from me and finally looked up, I got another shock. It was like looking in the mirror except what stared back at me was my face many years in the future.

Her eyes held a spark I had not expected to see. “Chloe.” Her voice rasped as if she’d smoked for years on end even though I knew she hadn’t. I guess losing your magic wrecks havoc on your body. “So after all of these years, you finally decide to come.”

I nodded warily. Despite the fact I knew she no longer had magic, I still felt a weird vibe from her.

“To what do I owe the honor of your presence? I’m certain it’s not because you missed me.” Old body, raspy voice, but same old haughty, bitchy mom.

“I have some questions.”

She nodded. “Fair enough I suppose.”

Before I came I had thought long and hard about what questions I should ask and how much I should tell my mother. I decided it would be best if she didn’t know I’d shown magical powers. Playing dumb was the best bet.

“I have a new one now that I’ve seen you. When I was growing up, you always looked the same. Now you look old enough to be my grandmother.” Honestly, she looked old enough to be my great grandmother, but I wasn’t going to push it. “And, a lot of weird things happened. I never saw you go shopping, but we always had food and clothes. You never seemed to sit down and fix your hair and makeup, and yet you always looked flawless.” She smiled a bit wistfully at that. “Come to think of it, I don’t remember you doing my hair either when I was little, but it was always done.”

She leaned forward and beckoned me closer to the glass like we were co-conspirators about to hatch a plan. “I’m a witch,” she whispered, and I tried to put a look of disbelief on my face.

“Oh come on. There’s no such thing!”

“Yes, though not many of us exist anymore. I’m over 300 years old.”

“You’re crazy. That is not possible!”

“Oh, but it is! Witches are near immortal. With our magic, we can live for centuries. For every hundred human years, we only age about ten.”

“Then why do you book 80 when you’re 300? And why do I look my age?”

“We grow naturally until we hit late teens, early 20s, then it slows some but not entirely until we reach our age of magical maturity, which is 30. Alas, I no longer have my magic. It was robbed from me, which is why I am the decrepit old lady you see before you.”

“How was it taken from you?”

A sly look crossed her face. “Never mind about that. It isn’t important.”

Witchy Wolf 2

Witchy Wolf 2 now has a title: Peril!

Here is an excerpt from Chapter 1:

Chloe padded bare foot down the back staircase to the kitchen. She grimaced when she spied Beth standing at the sink. Tension reigned in the fractured relationship between Beth and Gabe. Chloe knew she shared some of the blame, but if he had not been so blind to what smacked him upside the face every time Beth was around him, the issue would have been dealt with long before Chloe ever entered their lives. In the six months since discovering Gabe belonged to her as her fated mate, Chloe had attempted to at least be civil to Beth, as a favor to Gabe considering his long standing friendship with her. And even though Chloe did try, Beth rebuffed every attempt she made.

Chloe breathed in deep and then let it out. She would not let the bitchy blonde ruin her day. “Good morning, Beth.” As usual, Beth shot her a death glare. Without speaking a word, she spun from the sink and stalked out of the room.

Shaking her head, Chloe padded over to the stove to investigate the contents of the big, silver pot on the back burner. She lifted the lid and saw that Emily had cooked oatmeal for breakfast. Chloe had yet to figure out how Emily managed to keep the oatmeal from turning into a lumpy, sodden mess. Even instant oatmeal never came out right for her. She couldn’t imagine making such a large amount from scratch and keeping it the correct consistency. Chloe grabbed a bowl from the cabinet and scooped some of the oatmeal out of the pot. She rummaged in the spice cabinet and found the cinnamon sugar to sprinkle on top of it.

Maybe she get Emily to give her some cooking lessons. Chloe almost laughed out loud at that thought. Yeah, right! Like lessons would help her. She could barely boil an egg without catastrophe. Susie always did the cooking before… Chloe felt a tug on her heart at the thought of her best friend. The pain of her loss still hit her at unexpected moments. She missed her more than words could express, but at least she had some comfort in knowing her killer had paid the price. Now, if they could only catch the man who gave the order for Susie’s death, her justice would be complete. Gabe and the twins were investigating, but so far, they had not discovered his identity.

Chloe finished eating the oatmeal and cleaned up after herself. The day before, she had witnessed Emily scolding Jacob for leaving behind a mess, and she did not want to be on the other end of Emily’s ire. That little woman was scary when she got riled up. She saw the clock on the microwave and cursed under her breath. If she didn’t hurry, she was going to be late for work.



50 Awesome Moments Only Writers Would Understand

Reblogged from: Christina Rozelle

50. That awesome writer moment when you type “The End.”

49. That awesome writer moment when you reread something you just wrote and it’s like reading something somebody else wrote, and you wonder where the hell it came from.

48. That thankful writer moment when you get the kids to bed and you FINALLY get to sit your ass down and write.

47. That sad writer moment when you discover that a character you’ve grown to really like/love . . . has to die.

46. That awesome writer moment when you realize that what you are writing is bigger than you, is coming from some place beyond you, and you are but a vestibule for the creative workings of the Universe to materialize. . . . When that Universal truth comes to you as a gift to be shared through your talent, humbly, a light for others to see themselves and the world by.

45. That moment when you realize you need to kill your darlings. (See above)

44. When you realize you are narrating your life in third person again.

43. That awesome writer moment when you’re writing a creepy scene and you keep looking over your shoulder, making sure no one’s behind you. In your own house. In daylight.

42. That moment when an idea to do something perfectly horrible to your characters creeps up on you and makes you smile, evilly.

41. When you are losing an argument so you start correcting their grammar.

40. When your back is killing you, your eyes are buggin’, your legs have lost all their sensation, your forearms, wrists, and elbows are achy and sore, but still you write on like the badass word-slinger that you are.

39. That awkward writer moment when you start talking to a non-reader/writer passionately about your book and they pretend like they care but it’s obvious they are more interested in the activities of a nearby Porta Potty than your book.

38. That Halleluiah! writer moment when you’ve been querying agents/publishers for eons, and you finally get that “yes.”

37. When you get a brilliant idea in the shower and you hop out with soap still on your body to scribble it down on a paper plate with a crayon (or something like that ;) )

36. When you’re on a road trip and you put on your headphones and listen to inspiring music while working out plot details in your head the whole way.

35. That awesome writer moment when you have to pull over to write something down.

34. That moment when the best thing you ever wrote was born on a napkin.

33. That moment when your “emergency fire rescue” box in your house is too full of your writing stuff to fit any family photos, baby keepsakes, important paperwork, etc.

32. When you are constantly catching typos in places they shouldn’t be; cereal boxes, shampoo bottles, text books, signs, and your kid’s printed homework pages . . . . and you make a big deal out of it. And no one else cares.

31. When one kind comment or note of encouragement from a reader/fellow writer can pull you out of that mucky bog of motivation-less self-pity and disenchantment.

30. That sweet moment when someone you know and love reads your book and you feel closer to them.

29. When you have a child within the age bracket of your YA book. (Yes! Priceless input!)

28. When that child doesn’t want to read your book because it doesn’t have vampires in it. (Seriously?)

27. When you read a really awesome book and you have to read it again so you can pick it apart and see exactly how the author made it so freakin’ awesome.

26. When you’re talking with another writer in front of a non-writer and they are awkwardly standing there like, “huh?”

25. That inspiring moment when a big storm comes and you start plotting end of the world weather scenarios and storylines in your head.

24. That awkward moment when you meet someone who reminds you of one of your characters and you’re like, “WTF?”

23. When that plot kink works itself out in a dream, after stressing all day/week/month about it.

22. When you write your first novel and are in love with it . . . .

21. When you look at your first novel a year later and realize what a POS it is . . . .

20. When you see how necessary it was that your first novel be a POS, because you learned so much in the process of writing it.

19. When you would rather write than go out and “party.”

18. When you would rather write than sleep.

17. When you would rather write than do most things.

16. When you’re having an “off” day, and someone gives you unwarranted constructive criticism . . . and you want to tell them what they can do with their unwarranted constructive criticism.

15. When you write drunk and think it’s the best thing you ever wrote . . . .

14. That moment when you look at your drunken mumbo jumbo the next day.

13. When you have more books on your kindle than your local public library has on its shelves.

12. That amazing moment when what you are writing makes you laugh . . . . or cry.

11. That awkward moment when seeing an old typewriter is an aphrodisiac.

10. When you develop a crush on a fictional character . . . . (Hey, he’s eighteen, it’s legal, right?)

9. That moment when a blog post you wrote goes “viral.”

8. That crappy feeling two days after your post went viral when people are so “over it” already.

7. That ancient writer memory of always having ink-stained hands.

6. When you have an elevator-pitch moment with a chance-encounter, and you totally forget what your book is about, how to speak, and that you are even an author in the first place.

5. When you base a character on someone that pisses you off . . . and they just have to die. (hehehe)

4. When you take your shitty day out on your characters . . . and it works . . . and it’sawesome.

3. When you finally meet that special person who “gets” you, and appreciates your word-nerdiness in all its glory.

2. When you light your keyboard on fire because you’re on a roll and the thoughts are flowing and the story has begun writing itself and you can barely keep up.

1. When your characters tell you exactly what they want you to do next . . . or else.

And one to grow on:

The realization that you cannot not write, even if you are not getting paid enough, or at all; because it is who you are. It is your gift.

Witchy Wolf $0.99 for a limited time!

Witchy Wolf $0.99

Witchy Wolf $0.99For a limited time, Witchy Wolf is on sale for $0.99 on Amazon .

Witchy Wolf is Live!

Buy Witchy Wolf now!

Witchy Wolf

Witchy Wolf by Alexis Dare
A vicious attack in the dark of night changes Chloe Jackson’s life forever. As her world crumbles around her, and she suffers a great loss, gorgeous biker Gabriel Denton steps into her life to pick up the pieces. While he tries to solve the mystery of her attack, Chloe does her best to keep him at arm’s length. She’s never gotten close to man, and she doesn’t intend to start now. Can she trust Gabe to lead her down the road of this new existence? Will he save her from the danger that lurks in the shadows? Could he be the one to finally erase the painful memories that haunt her?


Coming Soon Now Available in Paperback!

Also, keep an eye out for an excerpt from the second book! I will be posting one in the next couple of days!

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